Time is what you let go away and won’t be able to come back as “today”. Time is what it is worth the back and the forth! Time is what you can share. Time is not to be “here” or “there”. Time is to be … Continue readingTime

Almost done!

Sorry, I did not have the right drive to write a decent letter today, thus, I wrote few rows on the road … When days are counted by the cigarettes smoked and the nights by the unfolded blankets, It means I am almost done! When … Continue readingAlmost done!


Encapsulated, I enjoy my trip amongst the most vicious days of this rainy period. I have read, more than once, that those rainy days are considered as the richest instances for a creative writer. Instead, to me, these are the days of terrific migraine attacks … Continue readingEncapsulated


It must have been a genius – whoever came up with this world “Planet“. Whoever called this massive round-shaped mixture of rock and waves “A Planet”. It takes to be a Planet to endure such various always altering phenomenon: Selfishness – Dislocating, yet Endless Love … Continue readingPlanet