34th letter 

I have been told a thousand times when I was still running in pyjamas around home that troubles do not come alone.

I am sitting here, where once was the hall, thinking about her words. Yesterday, Lil told me exactly – “Dreams are only you whispering to me at night.” I do not know what she meant by that, I only know that here I am with an addition to my trouble list.

We have been hearing that some peace declaration papers are being signed, but yet, we can still hear magical fairytale fireworks over our heads. My father keeps telling me that the end is almost here and the instat when we will be opening these gates is just behind fall dates. He insists! I do not believe! Each time we have this kind of conversation I check my ray of hope. She is always there dancing in the air, pointing to the smoke and building shapes with the darkness. She keeps smiling! I start feeling better! There must be a Master in this Universe that keeps her in motion for better days. Dissapointing her seems such a universal cruelty that feels irrational to me.

I will keep you posted as soon as I find time! In the mean time I will be focused in explaining several phenomena that occurred the last 48 hours. I won’t write to you about them until I have a clear explanation. I do not want you to worry about non sense events that here might bear huge importance for the peaceful continuity of our coexistence.

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