Notes from a drunk

I remember those periods during university when we were getting used so much to alcohol that we couldn’t distinguish drunkness, hangover and sobriety from each-other. We had built such a crazy routine that did not permit thinking or studying at all. At least this is how I recall that period now. It sounds freaky to me that there might come a day when the girls will act like this. Ok, ok there will come that day!
I was reading through the pages of my “Blue days diary” and I have extracted several notes
I will make use of them in the upcoming days. But, I felt the urge to write one of them to you:

When the mornings rush under my feet I hear the sounds of our youthful souls dancing as if there were no time and no space. Since I try to settle down my thoughts during or after getting drunk I have established a way to connect my being to the reality. It all starts with you reading me about Dante’s or Balzac’s and than me starting an endeavour. It begins at the first and basic memories of me to the times I met you. You were such a blessing for my peaceful and boring student life. Further on, I encourage my mind to focus on your image and siluhuete. I do not know whether it is our ordinary routine or spiritual connectivity, but this is the exact time when my phone rings – It is you calling me after waking up“.

I know it might sound strange to you as at that period I never had the courage to express these thoughts in any possible way – nor verbal or written. Anyways, maybe it is better to read them now! They invest on hope!

Hoping that our “souls connectivity” will be powerful enough to bring us together again!


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