An unexpected visitor

An unexpected visitor…

Have you ever felt those trembles that accompany a long lasting longing for someone? I bet you did! I am fully
conscious that you know what I am talking about. Remember when you were looking towards to meeting your grandparents. You were so excited that you spent the whole year building up a full agenda for a two-week visit.
It was all so perfectly planned. It was such a misery comming to know that they wouldn’t be able to come at the
established date. Unhappiness marked the whole upcoming year! We shared everything together and that’s why I
think I know what it feels like. But, I also remember your unmeasurable astonishment when they suddenly appeared
at your front door. Your second parents, after years of struggle between illegal borders, unsigned papers and
different “Horrible tags” had won their right to travel. Happiness was so unexpected that you couldn’t react.
I recall your attitude during those days! They were there but you were afraid of exalting your you! Afraid of breaking the magic spell! Because of these fears, you couldn’t even share your happiness with me.

And… this is exactly how I feel because of this unexpected visitor of mine!

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