Encapsulated, I enjoy my trip amongst the most vicious days of this rainy period. I have read, more than once, that those rainy days are considered as the richest instances for a creative writer. Instead, to me, these are the days of terrific migraine attacks and no productivity at all.

My endeavour is long but joyful – I have come across a number of frontiers, barriers, waves and deserts, but in crystal clear ways I have managed to go through … sometimes going deeper, sometimes emerging towards the sunlight. I have always tried to show no fear, despite my low self-esteem strikes. It is not easy to show yourself to the world whilst fighting your own personal battles which happen to be long and devastating.

For instance, once I decided to make myself known to as many people as possible was almost 10 years before. Here I am, only 10 years after, making my introduction into this blog. This is one of my battles, which I consider myself as a master – yet not a winner. Who knows, maybe few days after I might come up with the brilliant idea of shutting everything down.

Yet, I have to share the joy of being here today! Despite my worries, my anxiety, my long list of common human troubles, I found my tiny corner in the network of dreamers.

Please, follow my boat at https://ivaverzivolli.com as there is more to come!

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