Dyer te hapura

Nje mendim per ty, nje mendim nga ty!

Humans to me!

I am a man of unspoken words – They keep on saying and I salute their beliefs with a waiving smile. I watch people passing by and coming back and I wonder why? Why should anyone come back and me an old stubborn man – words free? Last visit I had was similar to a questionnaire. It seems like it is the only way to have articulated words from me.

What are humans to you?

Humans to me?!

The immense power that emerges through childbirth in times of war.
The restless teachings of a parent – each day is a new opportunity – regardless of infinite personal failures collected during a life time.
Running towards same destination and always perceiving a different experience – because of ageing, precedence and feelings.
Stubbornness – My stubbornness and your stubbornness trying to have a win – win deal through a predefined scenario of questions and answers.

Just like this universe – it all starts with complexity and ends up to a simple ordinary collection of sentences!

Iva Verzivolli

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