Dyer te hapura

Nje mendim per ty, nje mendim nga ty!

In my idealistic world!

I mostly have morning coffee! The only periods of exception are those when I chose to stay away from bad habits, such as cigarettes. In my idealistic world a cup of coffee in the morning would comprise: – coffee, silence of invisible birds song, green, solitude and a piece of paper. This, if possible, would mark my day as a successful one – in my idealistic world. I wouldn’t require too much time of this mixture, half an hour would suffice. Enough time to gather scattered thoughts, feelings and plans in one comprehensible portray. Once achieved, I would immediately open the door to the outer world. Rush into the mess and go forward step by step to meeting my plans based on thoughts and packed by feelings – in my idealistic world. There wouldn’t be anyone left aside or outside, all in with their aptitudes and multitudes absorbed positively in my idealistic world. If only I had half an hour morning solitude!

Iva Verzivolli

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