Letters to recall

You probably know I have been in love with you since the very moment you entered our classroom. I am not sure whether I have told you about this before or not. Anyways, it does not matter, I prefer to believe that you know.

But, did I ever tell you that the very morning of that day I woke up earlier than usual? At those days I used to sleep a lot in the mornings, mostly because of the busy nights featured by dozens of beers with friends. I cannot remember the night before that morning, but I am able to recall almost every single instant of that morning. I had a deep and shallow desire to go at the campus, it was like a burning urge becoming wilder and wilder in just about an hour – the necessary time to get up, get washed, eat breakfast, get out and run to the campus. I can compare that feeling with the one you perceive when you think you have forgotten something dear to you somewhere. In fact, I was about to discover something so precious to me I hadn’t known before.

What a coincidence, lost and found treasures cause the same soul tremble!

The rest is nothing new to you as once you opened the door we shared our history, we shared our destiny.

Yet, there are instances of the past I believe we perceived at different intensities. I assume this is usual to any couple. We love each – other with different intensities at different stages. However, we knew what love is, thus we learnt how to interpret our ways.

This is a letter, written by the past, read by the present and posted to the future – what a coincidence!

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