The highest city peak!

From years now I wander around to identify the highest peak of this city. I want to find it, get to know it, get used to it as if it were my home path and once I will find myself at-home, climb it.

It is not a matter of challenge. My mind is convinced that by climbing the highest peak of the city my soul would be purified by unnecessary wastes of noisy egos, lost trials, mixed feelings that have made their way to becoming staggering and other unclassified waste categories.

If I close my eyes and picture myself on the top of this peak, chances are it might be the roof of a palace, a multi star hotel or any kind of institution roof, I see myself with open arms circling around with a free sight. I do not see it necessary to have a pair of binoculars; with my soul map into my hands are already know where to drop my pins – the places where I left traces along my journey – the places from which something I have taken or something I have left.

My vision is worn with an innocent smile when I move around the streets of my childhood neighbourhood. This is the place where I learnt to play with the bouncing rope, Albanian game of “worlds”, hide and seek and many others more. Strangely enough, I have been thinking and came to the conclusion that these childhood games are not just simple games; thanks to my way back I had the opportunity to see my friend athletic abilities, the geographic knowledge of the girl living next to me and my sister diplomatic know-how.

I pass through the yard of dreams, hopes and disappointments – even though, the smile on my face is still there – thanks to the growing up endeavours we learnt the mysterious and infinite language of feelings.

Here I am on the third floor of the building, in front of the parents apartment door, the place where it all took place – the girl with the black and white uniform, the girl with a mini, the girl in short hair, the girl with makeup, the girl with a bag, the girl in a white dress…

It seems I have to give an end to this trip and open my eyes- it almost looks like an epilogue – whilst as a matter of fact, I am still looking for the highest peak of this city!



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