Our tickets to Wonderland!

I bought my ticket yesterday! It took me a while because these are busy days in terms of booking. Christmas is coming! I cannot believe that in just two weeks we will be together, me, you and the girls. What sounds crazy to me is the fact that we will be meeting each – other in the city you always dreamt about – Paris! As a matter of fact it could have been anywhere, but due to matters of sort we had to buy our tickets to Paris. We will definitively discuss over this destinations once we will be peacefully enjoying an afternoon tea. What do you think about paying a visit to Disneyland – it would be a kind of Wonderland to you and me! Another dimension, another reality!

I saw a rainbow today. This natural phenomenon brought me back to the days when we decided that I had to escape from the “underground”. Chances were higher for me to survive, to run away. “To jump from one side to the other one as simply as the rainbow can!” These were the words you whispered. Although they could potentially mean that you were not sane, they provided a vision to me – A vision I could focus! A vision I had to invest all my energies on!

Here we are, in contradiction to any possible and logical condition or prediction, still alive and writing letters to each – other.

I tried to follow the rainbow as much as I could. I focused all my sight power and inner energy over it! This is it! The rainbow made it to the other side!

See you in two weeks!

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