Short news

I have a new hobby! I have started to collect burnt matches, those that have already accomplished their mission successfully. I am collecting them envisioning myself, one easy Sunday, sat on the  reading corner building a house with a roof.

It would be a bad idea to kill time with this hobby now that I am actually writing. It would be a real satisfaction, but I lack the Sunday tranquility, the peaceful reading corner state of mind.

As you might have noticed from my updates, I am mostly engaged in writing sections rather than reading. I have set reading aside, not because of the lack of desire … I  believe you remember what I already wrote  you on the books. Well, we won the polls! The winners were those who want the  “underground children” to believe that this way of living is a decent one, at least for the time being. Some of the parents have started to avoid my presence. They judge us as the ones preventing their children from a natural right – that of information and knowledge! It sounds funny to me! Is it even possible to have a “right” or “wrong” down here?!The fundamental constitution, approved unanimously is “survival” – to the limits of  unconsciousness and humanity!

There is nothing to complain – we have  food, water and hygiene. Oh, we have flowers as well, friendly insects also!

After one of his mysterious disappearing, dad confessed to me that he has ensured an escape opportunity for the four of us. I am still confused on whether I should be happy or fearful. Silently I am digesting the news by simulating different versions on how this story might come to an end.

The girls are fine, they are together on top of everything!

It is an unreasonable tentative to make this letter look like an ordinary letter written from a wife to her husband!

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