The road to “today”.

It happens that time strikes you through! In a bizarre unpredicted roadmap it brings you back to unsorted memories. For just a minute or few seconds more you are shaken by the tremors of open issues, lost ways and unresolved instances.
There is always an invisible vast area inside of us where we throw all the mixed and uncertain ideas, thoughts, unexplainable events of all sorts. We are usually unaware of this internal area, but it happens that we come across it accidentally.
And here we are… Stuck amidst a total mess of shadows and echoes that do not belong to today. They are proudly tagged as “that day”. I We rush amidst the turmoil by having a glance at everything.
Fortunately, this area is rarely triggered inside of me! It is generally a walkthrough process. Because of external triggers it becomes visible, I softly touch everything within it, I am fond of it, it is me. Then quietly I get out and close the door behind. I cannot delete it! To me there is nothing unsorted in there, as somewhere “that day” made me the one I am.

Most of us are successfully coexisting with “that day” because it was the road to “today”.

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