Dyer te hapura

Nje mendim per ty, nje mendim nga ty!

Thus, please, love her, help her or let her!

Love, help or let go! I follow you and asked around about you when I learnt that you were the one. I concluded that you might be able to love her and because of this, I could let her.

Lately, because of the strange universal chemistry responsible for connecting our souls amidst this confusion, I am coming across her. Once, twice, thrice! I see she is not happy. I know she lacks nothing, at least nothing material, no consumables. I do not know what you are capable of offering her, but I know what she longs for. What she desperately demands is poor basic materia that even nature can offer her. Please, help her! If love is what she is asking for, maybe it is because time has passed since last time you embraced her in the magic shadows of feelings. If tranquillity is what she is asking for, it means that she forgot last night going asleep free of past worrisome memories. And if she is asking these both, it means she is tired. It means she is silently sinking into the abyss of her soul and she is asking for your hand to hold her. Please, in a humble position, please, just like in the first place, hold her! I couldn’t, I let her go! She could save herself because of my incapability to offer her the peacefulness she was so longing for. I couldn’t be her travel friend, I was not ready yet! When I prepared myself, it was the not the wrong day, it was the wrong timing! Thus, please, love her, help her or let her! And if you let her go, she will still be waiting for you, as she loves and she knows what love is.

Thus, please, love her, help her or let her!

Iva Verzivolli

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