Dyer te hapura

Nje mendim per ty, nje mendim nga ty!

To the mailbox!

When I finished writing the last letter to you, I had already included every single event that took place during the latest months. Each time I post the letter, I get a trembling feeling on how distant you are from our physical and spiritual hunger. You are so desperately far from this dark spot of the universe.

Lately, the little girl with whose family we are sharing the room has publicly expressed her dream – she will become a paintress in the future. If you could only see the silhouettes she is capable of creating thanks to the wall carbon released by the candle. You would be amazed! Most probably you are feeling confused on why I am writing to you about her. In fact, she is my last branch of hope! I have extremely attached to her dreams that it seems to me like the whole universe is trembling below my feet.

Our sweet baby girls are fine. They will be fine as long as they will believe that the blasts over our heads are nothing but fireworks. By the way, do you know they have never seen fireworks?! Do not worry, I have taken care of this too – I have described them as fairy dust coming from the night fairy tales.

I am almost certain that this “tale” will not last for long. My friend’s son, who is a little bigger than our girls, is already aware on the fact that this world of our is an “undergrounded” one. Due to this, he is experiencing frequent short – breath episodes. He wants to get out in order to see the sun, the sky and the see for which he has already read.

It might sound strange to you, but we are voting on whether to destroy the books we have or not. What the hell do we need them for? These books can threaten our children. The temptation they call for is a greater evil than this “underground world”.

When the time comes we will know how to talk about the outer world! Better than the books!

I would really like to write you about myself, but I am afraid that there are so few interesting events happening to me that you might derive the conclusion that I have fallen into depression. This is the main reason why I am trying to write this letter as nicely as possible.
Once May came – you know how important this month is to me –
I painted a vase of flowers and attached it near our girls sleeping sheet. I envisioned a flower with countless leaves in such a way we could count one on daily basis, take off the dust and add some soil.
Thanks to God I have a huge amount of blank papers and unlimited black ink. I can write a letter to you each single day – even more than one. Anyways, from the last letter sent, I am feeling a bit perplexed. I believe you already have enough knowledge on our situation and you are desperately looking to finding a way to us.

Almost every night, I dream of white lines in the sky – lines of aeroplanes passing by. When I wake up, my whole being is happily excited from this dream coming true.

Anyways, as I already mentioned above, almost any new event has been described in the last letter sent. I will be here, praying the Universe that the imaginary world built for the girls won’t suddenly fall apart. At least not for some more time! At least, not until you will be far!

Address: – Wherever
Mailbox – Infinity
Priority- Eternity

Iva Verzivolli

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