Unfair competition

Unfair competition knows no rules or ethics, It leads to misjudgements, It leads to confusion, It leads to massive reaction with no orientation. Unfair competion does not only strike from the outside, It also empowers an internal chain reaction involving, Lack of will, Lack of … Continue readingUnfair competition


What the heck did the world shouted out loud during the morning light? Why did the people run up and down the town with frustrated faces and anger voices? Who shut down the sweet dazzling night? I am trying to reach the perfect syntony whilst … Continue readingPamper

To recreate!

via Daily Prompt: Recreate I have been there once, twice, thrice and a thousand of other times, I have seen the same places, smelled the same perfumes, felt the same fears and love sparkles! I have been there for more than one purpose, To be … Continue readingTo recreate!

Notes from a drunk

I remember those periods during university when we were getting used so much to alcohol that we couldn’t distinguish drunkness, hangover and sobriety from each-other. We had built such a crazy routine that did not permit thinking or studying at all. At least this is … Continue readingNotes from a drunk


We all learnt the magical art of “overcome“! Overcome nights through grateful dreams, Overcome days because of small accomplishments, Overcome sorrows following hopes and their thunderstrucks, Overcome aches of spirit and mind by means of love and sharing times! But we never, ever will learn … Continue readingOvercome