Stop the rain running into the forest of thoughts and you will immediately prevent future ideas to nourish. Stop the wind flooding your feelings and your heart will be clogged in the pipes of material goods. Stop the flames invading your soul and you will … Continue readingStop!

Short news

I have a new hobby! I have started to collect burnt matches, those that have already accomplished their mission successfully. I am collecting them envisioning myself, one easy Sunday, sat on the  reading corner building a house with a roof. It would be a bad … Continue readingShort news

Priceless …

via Daily Prompt: Priceless What priceless could be defined in this world of high consumption?! Priceless! – Those tiny first baby steps towards your kneeled adult statue. Priceless! – A home-door opened from within after a stormy day. Priceless! – Silent whispers cuddling your nights waiting … Continue readingPriceless …

34th letter 

I have been told a thousand times when I was still running in pyjamas around home that troubles do not come alone. I am sitting here, where once was the hall, thinking about her words. Yesterday, Lil told me exactly – “Dreams are only you … Continue reading34th letter