Dyer te hapura

Nje mendim per ty, nje mendim nga ty!

The monster

It came back to me!
Suddenly, out of nowhere, I had to recall what I considered already lost and forgotten “somewhere” in the past. The monster! It came back in a sophisticated appearance, in a modern layout. When I first get acknowledged with its existence, it was rude and I could notice it milles away. I could spot it amidst hundreds of strangers; it was the one standing still in front of me, staring at me with its dark and freezing eyesight. I could recognize the monster in those tiny red bumps on the skin, in every single tired step backward. It must have been it! It must have been the monster! I could easily pick it up in a bunch of dried roses; all of them dried up because of natural conditions, all appart one, stroken by the monster!
Yeah! Me and the monster walking on the same dimension.
Now, as it came back in ackwardly, I could hardly notice its presence; its dark presence! In the words, smiles and handshakes of daily short distance travellers. In the deeds and retreats of the inhabitants sharing the same, exact routine. It was hard, but since we used to walk in the same dimension, chemistry was there, standing by me! I did notice him, finally! When I was driving and suddenly found myself in the middle of a crossroad, not knowing which direction to go, I saw the monster in the glassy buildings aside me. Yeah! I was lost, lost, just because of it!
Here we go again, struggling to grow up bigger than it, larger than it, harder than it!

Iva Verzivolli

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