The Universe

Someone said to me I am talking to the universe! And yes I am! I have daily talks with this Universe. We are daily engaged in short-breathing conversations, but it’s almost me talking, and always it listening. I keep trying to understand, to interpret whatever might be called a sign, but there is not a single one.
I am talking to the universe in ways that I cannot even understand. Basically, I have only a bunch of topics:
Leave me alone!
-Forget what’s already gone!
-Don’t always put the blame on my own!
Regardless of me screaming, the Universe absorbs the energy and converts it into thousands of fragmented crossroads, thousands of puzzle pieces to be built up by me.
Thus, I have come to the conclusion that I’d better handshake with silence and loose myself into the deepest, yet certain unknown!

Dyert Hapur ©

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